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Nursing and healthcare research
Catholic University of Applied Sciences North-Rhine Westphalia
Exploratory focus Nursing and healthcare research
Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen Applied nursing research with the main focus on care depend elderly people, development of community health care strategies and community based prevention. Analysis and calculation of nurses number needed in health care education and monitoring of the working conditions in nursing work in all fields
Research area(s) / Key term(s)
Research area(s) Medicine; Social and Behavioural Sciences
Key term(s) Nursing Research; Caring; Nursing; Care for the elderly; elderly care; care management; case management
Contact / Contact person
Contact Person Professor Dr. Schirra-Weirich, Liane
Street adress Wörthstraße 10, 50668 Köln
Postal / mail addresss
Phone 0221 7757-601
Fax 0221 7757-631
E-Mail l.schirra-weirich@katho-nrw.de
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