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Diversity Studies
Protestant University of Applied Sciences Rhineland-Westphalia-Lippe
Exploratory focus Diversity Studies
Ev. Hochschule Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe Diversity Studies link various research disciplines such as gender and intercultural research, refugee and migration research, age research and other areas. This integrating research direction aims at a differentiated analysis that combines theoretical work and practical approach.
Research area(s) / Key term(s)
Research area(s) Humanities; Social and Behavioural Sciences
Key term(s) diversity; integration; migration; plurality; transculturality; age; flight; racism
Contact / Contact person
Contact Person Prof. Dr. Ghaderi, Cinur
Street adress Immanuel-Kant-Str. 18-20, 44803 Bochum
Postal / mail addresss
Phone +49 (0)234 36901-279
E-Mail ghaderi@evh-bochum.de
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