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Matter and Radiation Science
Technical University of Darmstadt
Exploratory focus Matter and Radiation Science
TU Darmstadt The profile area concentrates on science addressing the creation and exploitation of energetic particle beams, including research on Nuclear and Accelerator Physics, Radiation Biology, and Material Sciences at the electron and gamma-ray beams at the in-house S-DALINAC and ion-beams at GSI.
Research area(s) / Key term(s)
Research area(s) Biology; Informatics, System and Electrical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Physics
Key term(s) quantum physics; Nuclear Science; Nuclear Astrophysics; Radiation Biology; accelerator technology; Radiation Damage; Structure of Matter; detector technology; Nuclear Spectroscopy; Superconducting Resonators; Particle Beam Dynamics
Contact / Contact person
Contact Person Professor Dr. Pietralla, Norbert
Street adress Schlossgartenstraße 9, 64289 Darmstadt
Postal / mail addresss
Phone 06151 167441
Fax 06151 164321
E-Mail pietralla@ikp.tu-darmstadt.de
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