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Solvation Science
Ruhr University Bochum
Exploratory focus Solvation Science
Universität Bochum Solvation Science develops a universal concept of solvation at a fundamental level of chemistry, physics and engineering. Such a concept is essential to unravel the role of water for biological function, and to enable major advances in key technologies, such as electrochemistry and catalysis.
Research area(s) / Key term(s)
Research area(s) Biology; Chemistry; Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Physics
Key term(s) biological structures; solvation; Organocatalysis; Metal electrodes; electrochemical processes; corrosion; spectroscopy; Solvation dynamics; fluid dynamics; energy storage; energy conversion; heterogeneous catalysis; homogeneous catalysis; thermodynamics
Contact / Contact person
Contact Person Professor Dr.-Ing. Ostendorf, Andreas
Street adress , Bochum
Postal / mail addresss 44780 Bochum
Phone 0234 32-27045
Fax 0234 32-14131
E-Mail prorektor-forschung@rub.de
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