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Cultures of the Baltic Sea Region
University of Greifswald
Exploratory focus Cultures of the Baltic Sea Region
Universität Greifswald The interdisciplinary research Area investigates interactions in the Baltic Sea Region in past and present. Cultural factors, in combination with political, economic and ecological aspects, are investigated in both theoretically and practically relevant research projects.
Research area(s) / Key term(s)
Research area(s) Geosciences; Humanities; Medicine; Social and Behavioural Sciences
Key term(s) Cultural interactions; comparative Law; Sociolinguistics; sustainable tourism; coastal development; Confessional cultures; borders; border areas; energy; mobility; coastal management; rural area
Contact / Contact person
Contact Person Professor Dr. Werner, Micha
Street adress Dornstr. 11, 17489 Greifswald
Postal / mail addresss
Phone 03834 86-1107
Fax 03834 86-1105
E-Mail prorektor@uni-greifswald.de
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