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Earth Sciences/Integral Earth System Sciences
University of Potsdam
Exploratory focus Earth Sciences/Integral Earth System Sciences
Universität Potsdam Potsdam University`s transdisciplinary approach in Earth System Science combines geomonitoring on different spatiotemporal scales, data analysis of recent and geological archives, modeling, geogovernance, and communication, with the goal of securing a habitable environment and sustainable future.
Research area(s) / Key term(s)
Research area(s) Geosciences; Materials Science and Engineering; Physics; Social and Behavioural Sciences
Key term(s) earth sciences; geosciences; Environmental sciences; Geo ecology; Geology; Natural hazards; climate change; Geodynamics; hydrology; Climate; Geomaterials; Geogovernance
Contact / Contact person
Contact Person Professor Dr. Seckler, Robert
Street adress Am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam
Postal / mail addresss
Phone 0331 977-1838
Fax 0331 977-1089
E-Mail seckler@uni-potsdam.de
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