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Energy & Resource Efficiency (ERE)

  • Exploratory focus
    • Institution Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden
    • Search research priority Energy & Resource Efficiency (ERE)
    • Short description R&D in efficient and sustainable energy supply and utilization, decentralized power generation, co-generation technologies (CHP), energetic use of biomass, energy from waste water and emission control. Centre of competence for co-generation technologies established in 2012.
  • Subject, discipline
    • Research area(s) Thermal and Process Engineering
    • Key term(s) combined heat and power; renewable energies; energy efficiency; combustion technologies; energy system technology; biomass conversion; air pollution control; energy conversion
  • Contact / contact person
    • Contact Person Prof. Dr.-Ing. Brautsch, Markus
    • Phone +49 (0)9621 482-3308
    • Internet page

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