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  • Research priority
    • Institution Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
    • Search research priority Materials
    • Short description Material development/modelling, efficient interlinking of process chains from development, production and processing of materials/construction materials up to recycling; metallic materials, semiconductors, glass, ceramics, construction materials, hard materials, materials for sensors and actors
  • Discipline
    • Research area(s) Materials Science and Engineering
    • Key term(s) Semiconductor materials; materials; Materials processing; Materials science; high temperature materials; Materials refinement; Materials recycling; lightweight construction; ceramics; glass; Materials applications; Purest materials
  • Contact person
    • Contact Person Professor Dr.-Ing. Biermann, Horst
    • Street adress Gustav-Zeuner-Straße 5, 09596 Freiberg
    • Fax 037 31 39 4010
    • Internet page
    • Function Dekan Fakultät für Werkstoffwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnologie Berufungsangelegenheiten
    • Phone 037 31 39 3564
    • E-Mail