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Life, Light and Matter

  • Exploratory focus
    • Institution University of Rostock
    • Search research priority Life, Light and Matter
    • Short description Based on interdisciplinary thinking, we examine the role of light and molecule in natural and life sciences for reconstruction of biological functions. We devise atomic and molecular processes and combining with laser optics. Also, new materials in nanometer benchmarks, arise from the collaboration.
  • Subject, discipline
    • Research area(s) Biology; Chemistry; Informatics, System and Electrical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Medicine; Physics
    • Key term(s) new materials; nanomaterials; lasersystems; clusters; catalysis; femtosecond laserpulses; photonics; modeling; computer simulations; Coulomb systems; nanostructures
  • Contact / contact person
    • Contact Person Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Kragl, Udo
    • Phone +49 (0)381 498-1002
    • E-Mail

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