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Cognitive Sciences

  • Research priority
    • Institution University of Potsdam
    • Search research priority Cognitive Sciences
    • Short description The Cognitive Sciences investigate the structure, dynamics, development, and neuronal basis of language, visual perception/attention, action control, and numerical cognition in children and adults, applying experimental and clinical methods as well as corpus analysis and cognitive modelling.
  • Discipline
    • Research area(s) Humanities; Informatics, System and Electrical Engineering; Mathematics; Social and Behavioural Sciences
    • Key term(s) cognition; language; Information structure; Grammar; non-linear dynamics; cognitive modeling; eye movements; reading; intrapersonal developmental risks; Multilingualism; embodied cognition; mass sport; top-class sport
  • Contact person
    • Function Vizepräsident für Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs
    • Phone 0331 977-1838
    • E-Mail