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Smart Regions and Heritage

  • Exploratory focus
    • Institution Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
    • Search research priority Smart Regions and Heritage
    • Short description “Smart Regions” explores historic, economic, and spatial transformation processes, and the influence of “smart” instruments to govern these processes. “Heritage” investigates the terms of heritage and culture, and their transformation into the future – from regional values to world heritage sites.
  • Subject, discipline
    • Research area(s) Construction Engineering and Architecture; Geosciences; Humanities; Informatics, System and Electrical Engineering
    • Key term(s) architecture; Urban and Regional Planning; Transformation processes; Public Utility Infrastructure; Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development; Cultural and technical values of historic buildings; World Heritage; Water Pollution Control; Water Balance; post-industrial landscapes; soil conditions; post-mining landscapes; demographic change
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