Research Map - Map search for universities

The interactive HRK Research Map database provides information on the research priorities that are of strategic institutional importance for a university.

A research priority involves at least 25 professors working together. Up to eight research priorities per university are included. All entries are based on information provided by the universities themselves and are updated by the HRK at the request of the individual institutions. For each research priority, the universities provide links to their own websites, which provide further and detailed information.

Entries consist of the name and a brief description of the institutional research priority in non-specialist language. In addition, each research area is linked to one or more of the 14 subject areas as defined by the DFG. The research priorities are generally of an interdisciplinary character, making it possible to address major challenges facing society. Finally, the twelve most important specialist key terms relating to the research priority in question are listed. These are primarily intended for professional users.

The Research Map therefore allows users to perform a search based on subject and disciplines. It lists those universities that are establishing a reputation for themselves as centers of excellence in the research area in question.

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Alternative search results for universities

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To perform a search by region, either click on a federal state and all the institutions located there, or on the location of one or more specific institutions (combined number of elements/union set by selecting locations on the map, or in the list of locations). To search based on content, use key terms or the 14 subject areas. Combinations of several criteria result in either an intersection of sets or a union of sets (depending on the AND search setting). It is possible to combine a search by region and content (intersection of sets). The respective hits for each search performed are shown immediately.